Don’t ignore your middle

Hi Everyone:

Today I want to talk about your core. Those are the muscles all along your trunk including abs and back muscles. It’s super important to have a strong core for many reasons. One: It looks damn good! Am I right?? Course I am. Two: A strong core helps with just about every physical task we do from lifting grocery bags to hauling laundry and playing with the grandkids (and in my case kids, remember I was the crazy woman having kids in my mid 40s!).

Woman Exercising

So, you might know all about crunches, but there are MANY ways to strengthen your ab muscles. Google “ab workout” for a ton. Strong abs are great and all, but don’t ignore the other side, your back muscles. Those are just as IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT than strong abs. You want balance. A strong back will keep you active well into retirement years. And isn’t that what we all want? To be “active adults.” You know, the ones power walking getting all those “wow” looks from people driving down the street. The ones going out dancing and shopping without struggling to walk. YES can I get an AMEN!!!

So, here is a short video (about 3 mins) about a couple, just a couple, of the exercises I’m incorporating into my daily workouts. You don’t need much, literally 10 minutes a day, even if you split that into two 5-minute sessions, one can even be in front of the TV at night. I’m using an exercise ball for some, it is a GREAT exercise tool. Google it, you’ll see I’m not lying. Would I lie to you, course not! And ignore my sweaty red face. I just did my run/walk with Rosie, and instead of waiting til I shower, I wanted to do my video right away. Yup, keeping it real!

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