Fire your husband!

OK, now that I’ve got your attention. I want to discuss something that can be very emotional for some people: when your significant other is not on board or supportive of your fitness/health/weight loss goals. GOING FORWARD HUSBAND=SIGNIFICANT OTHER, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, etc.

Sometimes, our husbands may not be very supportive of our goals, in fact, they can sometimes even be downright hostile about it. It could be because they don’t want to eat “health food” or change the way they’re eating. It could be because they see your weight loss and becoming more attractive and fit as a threat to the relationship. They may not even know WHY they feel this way, it could be totally subconscious.

In any case, if your husband isn’t supportive, try to keep the conversation about it low key. Don’t talk about it incessantly. If you want to eat a certain way, make the main dish of your meals together something you all like, then work your particular sides around that. You can even precook batches of sides for your self that you can easily heat up and eat while your family eats “normally.” Then work in the healthy ways of cooking their favorite foods SLOWLY.

In time with some luck and a lot of emotional support FROM YOU to your husband during your transition, he may just come around. Don’t count on it, but if/when it happens it can be a huge blessing.

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