Getting it done this morning

Good Morning Everyone!

So, even though my “race training” is done, I’m still on my journey towards fitness. Plus, I still can’t run 3 full miles without walking. Not even close!

This morning I hit the treadmill for an hour. Low energy day, so I didn’t do any run intervals. Just very brisk walking, very brisk. I did a whole hour and over 3 miles.  

There are tons of “diets” or eating plans out there. No one right way to eat works for everyone. I’m following (well, sort of) Trim Healthy Mama. It basically says you have 2 sources of fuel: fat and carbs. At each meal/snack you eat protein with EITHER fat OR carbs, not both. Well, the one you “don’t eat” you can eat up to 5-6 grams. So if I have something with cheese on it, my carbs have to be under 6 grams or so. If I have more carbs, my fat must be under 6 grams. There is a LOT more to it, but that’s the main basis. 

Today I ate whole scrambled eggs, with 1 piece of sprouted bread toasted, and strawberries. OMG those are carbs! My whole grain sprouted bread is “on plan” and I’m actually allowed to have berries regardless of meal type. See, not nearly as restrtive as it first sounds. 

I’m feeling good about my day so far. Lets’ see if I can stay on track!

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