Holy crap! WHAT time is it?

So, we all have those days where something comes up again and again and suddenly it’s way way too late to be cooking a big meal for dinner. There’s just no time! Yes, no matter how carefully we plan our day, it happens. Traffic jam, boss had you stay late at work blah blah blah.

Anyways, this is why you NEED TO BE PREPARED! How you say? Well, have some stuff cooked and frozen that fits your meal plan. Things like quinoa (if you’re avoiding rice) cooks up in big batches and then freezes well in small ziploc baggies. Pull out however many servings you need and BAM, instant side dish. I also like to cook a few chicken breasts in my Instant Pot and shred them. Then I put them in a gallon baggie and flatten it all out making sure there’s a little bit of empty space here and there. Roll it to get out the air and then unroll it. Lay it flat in the freezer until it’s frozen. You can then just break off however much you need when you need a quick meat. Throw it in some quinoa or saute with spinach or whatever you have on hand. It’s great on salads!!! That is a super easy meal too. This works awesome with ground meat aka hamburger. I brown up 2 lbs at a time, baggie, flat, freeze. I can then break off and thaw for pasta sauce or a quick-made sloppy joe mixture. Brown up some onions and peppers, add the burger, some cheese and any noodles you might have a viola! Instant “hamburger helper.”

Anyways, make batches of stuff, freeze it, and always have some microwave steamable veggies in the freezer and you will never need to hit the drive-thru for dinner!

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