Just eat the freakin’ banana already

Ok, a lot of people do it. SKIPPING BREAKFAST. Don’t just don’t be THAT person. At the very least eat a banana. OK, that’s all I ask. One little old banana.

I am NOT a breakfast person. Honestly, I don’t get hungry until at least 10 or 11. I have to MAKE myself eat something earlier. And often I do just that. Do I “enjoy” it. Hell no, course not because I’m not hungry at all. Geeze louise. I had coffee, stomach is satisfied.  Well, your stomach might be happy but your brain is screaming for something more substantial.

If you are going to run right when you get up (like within 20 minutes), then you, my friend, have a pass.  Go ahead and do a short run or workout. If, however, you aren’t working out for at least an hour, then GO TO YOUR FRIDGE AND GET SOMETHING. It can be something small if your workout is easy or short, like a banana (OMG get off the banana wagon already, right?), and yogurt or fruits and a piece of whole grain (sprouted is even better!) toast with some jam. Ooooh, now I’m talking. JAM!  OR have a couple of hard boiled eggs and some toast. I make mine in my Instant Pot 6-8 at a time and keep in the fridge for a quick snackaroo. 

If you have time and want something more filling, I love cereal. Well, I LOVE sweet cereal. I LIKE the cereal I actually buy and eat. Sweet cereal is basically death in a box, truly. Death should be listed as an ingredient. But anyways, I like cereals that are on the healthy side like Ezekiel, Uncle Sams, and Kashi. The first two are super high fiber making them a better choice than Kashi, but Kashi tastes better. Adding raisins and stevia powder to the cardboard, um, I mean cereal of Ez and US, helps.  

So, in conclusion, I want y’all to promise me you will eat something in the mornings. Make it healthy too,. It’s the EASIEST time of day to be healthy. Stress hasn’t yet set in making the Snickers bar look like a life raft. OMG Snicker, great, now I want a Snickers. Nope, not gonna do it. (not because I have willpower, but because they’re aren’t any in the house YET. Halloween’s right around the corner.) 

That’s it for now everyone! Get your gut and butt moving in the morning

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