K Training Fitness App, Part 1

Hi Everyone:

So, in order to improve my running, I’m adding weight training to my fitness regime. If you’re only doing cardio, you’re only doing half the job. And nobody wants to do all that work only to find out you’re only half healthy, right? Course not!!! Weight training also speeds up weight loss a lot more than cardio. Yes, totally true! Muscle burns more calories, so the more muscle you have the better!!!

Today I tried out a workout app called K Training. It asks you questions about your current fitness level and then creates a program customized for you, more or less. The workout runs through by demonstrating the move, then starts your reps/time after the first demo. The video of the person doing the move continues throughout all the reps/time. I’ll do a full review after I’ve used it for a couple of weeks. It is free, but that’s of course basic. The paid version is $50 a year. I’ll let you know if I think paid version is worth it after I’ve used it for a couple of weeks.

I really enjoyed todays leg and glute workout. I definitely felt it. By the end I couldn’t quite finish all the reps. Well, I probably COULD have but I was pretty tired. Anyways, that’s my plan going forward.

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