So true, and also includes “self talk.” The things we say to ourselves, usually in out head not out loud, but sometimes out loud. Make sure you don’t talk “mean” about yourself. Kick the mean girl out of your head. No matter where you are in your destination, you are a valuable person worthy of self love and worthy of SELF CARE. Take time each day for yourself!


When you hear yourself think something like “I can’t do this, OMG I run so slow. I’m over 50, I can’t run a 5K. What was I thinking.” STOP! Kick that mean girl right out of your head. In fact, smack her around a bit on the way out too so she won’t come back.

Let’s get some facts straight:

1 – As soon as you are walking or eating even one healthy food, you’re doing better than many others.

2 – You run slow. SO WHAT? So do I. In fact, I can’t even run the whole time. Even after a year I’m still doing run/walk intervals. Slow and walking are OK. More than OK, they’re awesome! Again, you’re lapping everyone on the couch.

3 – I really don’t have time for “this.” I should be “insert chore/task here.” STOP! Again, you not only DESERVE to take care of yourself, you SHOULD. It makes you a better wife/mom/girlfriend/friend –you get the idea.

So, schedule in your workouts. Plan your meals ahead of time, make a shopping list and stick to it. Then just execute your plan for the week. Again YOU DESERVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!

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