Let your friends push you around!

Getting exercise to be a habit or routine can be hard, especially if you have to do it in the early morning. Who doesn’t want to hiz snooze a few times. So, how do we get past that? One way is to have an exercise buddy, someone you workout with who can 1) keep you company and 2) is counting on you to show up.  You can pick one friend or co-worker or a few, it’s up to you. Having the company on a nice morning walk or run can be very motivating and set you up for a fabulous day.  I’ve been meeting my friend Jennifer once a week for the last few weeks and we walk or bike ride through her neighborhood.  It’s so fun and lively, it just doesn’t “feel” like exercise, but it is. Today she really pushed me to do a few fast sprints. Not full out, but faster than my normal “run” intervals. 

Workout Buddies

Sometimes, your friend(s) will be pushing you to “go a little faster” or “let’s go around the block one more time.”  Other times, you will be the motivator. You might read a lot of fitness books and magazines and share your newfound knowledge with your friends on your walks. Working out with a friend  can be a great inspiration and motivation to keep up the good work.

If you absolutely cannot find someone, or you want more of a challenge (especially if you’re trying to get from walking to running), head down to your local running store. They usually have group runs that welcome people of all fitness and training levels. You’ll naturally end up running with those that are closer to your own fitness level. You get motivation, some tips and tricks (runners love to give advice,well, many do), and meet some great new LIKE-MINDED friends! 

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