Plan to fail right now!

OK, that is NOT a nice title, right? Got your attention though, didn’t it? So, what I mean is that if you FAIL TO PLAN, you are actually PLANNING TO FAIL. That’s right. Without a plan, anything we do could likely fail. I had a tough time sticking to my chosen eating plan this year. It’s called Trim Healthy Mama (not just for mamas). It’s a bit tricky at first, but everyone on the THM facebook groups seems to do very well. One person with a THM blog recently posted her January meal plan, Got me thinking, maybe if I actually PLANNED what to eat each week, It would be much easier to stick to it., Ya, what a great idea! Glad I thought of it! (OK, so it wasn’t really MY idea, just go with me on this! )

So, since she graciously shared her plan, I printed it out for some idea. I’m going to sit down with my trusty pen and paper and my THM cookbooks and various THM blog sites and plan out some great meals. My family doesn’t always like “strange food” so my strategy is to choose things that are not so different from the “real deal” foods we usually eat. I’m going to make a big batch of brown rice to use for myself when my family wants potatoes or white rice. I can easily microwave some brown rice for myself. I found a great keto bread roll recipe that will work with THM eating plan, that can sub for “real bread” while they eat the “good stuff.” I am not going to stop buying real bread just because I can’t always eat it. I CAN eat sourdough bread “on plan,” so that will be a great treat.

Anyways, if you want to stick to a healthy way of eating, choose whatever way you find that works for you and then PLAN AHEAD. Make meals and soups that freeze well, plan out your week’s meals and create your WHOLE shopping list,. Then check of items you already have on hand, THEN hit the grocery store.

Let me know what strategies you use to stay on your chosen eating plan (not diet, that’s a 4-letter word’!)

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