Run from your stress, hurry!

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So, question for you. Are you taking care of yourself? Throughout the year we are all under stress, life in general is extremely busy and hectic for everyone. A whole lot more so than, say, 100 years ago. Even our bills are different that those of our parents, who didn’t have bills for cable, internet, cell phone, health insurance etc. 

During the holiday season our stress levels can (and often do) go through the roof. We have a lot more time commitments, shopping for and PAYING for all the gifts, stressing over how to NOT over eat at the parties etc. 

All of this stress can cause our cortisol levels to remain high. Cortisol is a hormone that helps us, as humans, go into fight or flight and then when the threat is gone, our cortisol levels should go back down. However, with our modern busy lifestyles, our cortisol levels are often high ALL the time.  This can wreak havoc on our health in many many ways: insomnia, weight gain, fatigue, chronic pain, irritability and weakened immune systems. 

So, to combat this and lower your cortisol levels, you need to either lower your stressors or find ways to cope with the stress, or better yet, do both. You don’t have to go to EVERY single event and you don’t have to help with every event that you DO go to. Don’t spend money you can’t afford. 

Ways to help your body copy with the stress are exercise (ya, you KNEW that was coming), meditation (even 5-10 mins a day can help), writing in a gratitude journal each night (check our selection on Amazon), yoga (group or at home great app called Down Dog, Great Yoga Anywhere), stretching before bed, cut down on caffeine, get enough sleep and get enough rest/downtime.

Share below something you struggle with and how you plan to deal with it this season.

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