Running pouch for your phone

Hi Everyone:

I got my intervals in yesterday (friday). This was the workout I was supposed to do Thursday but couldn’t.  It was a bit hot so I did my whole workout on the treadmill. I did about 60 minutes total, with 8 running intervals (out of 10 that were planned). 

In my video below I show you one of my favorite accessories, a running pouch. It’s called Running Buddy XL. It folds over your waistband and then has magnets that sort of snap together. I can fit my Galaxy S9+ and a garage door opener in it, but it IS tight. That said, I will definitely continue to use it, but if they come out with a larger version I will probably order it. My S8 fit fine but the S9+ is just a little bigger (and I have a small case).  Click here to find it on Amazon.

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