See the gaps???

So, sometimes we THINK we’re working out consistently but we really aren’t. We might workout 2 days one week, then 1 day another week, then 4 days another week. That is NOT consistent. It’s OK to miss every so often, but we don’t want big GAPS in our working out schedule. It’s harder to make any progress if you are going 3 – 5 days in between workouts.

Then again, on days we are feeling down on ourselves, you know, that inner “mean girl” talking, we might need a reminder at just how hard we’ve been working.

ENTER THE CALENDAR TRACKER VISUAL AID (ok, I made up the name, yup, totally did). It’s basically just a visual that gives you AT A GLANCE an idea of how often you are working out. I ordered this one online for about $10 and I LOVE it. CLICK HERE TO ORDER: Each day that I workout (run, hike, bike, lift weights) for at least 30 minutes I color in a circle.

I’m not writing distance or anything, I’m simple coloring the circles with a big green sharpie (it happened to be what was on my desk at the time).

This is a great visual aid in seeing my patterns.


If you don’t want to spend any money on something like this, simply Google “april 2019, may 2019) etc or the entire “calendar year 2019) and print it out, tape it to the wall and VIOLA! You have a great visual aid that cost you almost nothing.

So, think about how great this would make you feel seeing all those circles colored in, especially when you’re having a bad day or can’t workout due to a cold or schedule. You look at this and see the many circles colored in and feel soooo less stressed about missing a workout.

So, go for it. This is simple and effective!

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