Slow it down a b it

If you’re trying to go from walking to running, it’s easy to be tempted to run faster than you should. We all want to do things well, and we often think that the faster we go, the better runner we are. Well, not really the case unless your a professional athlete.

If you’re a beginner running, take it slow. Your run intervals should probably be a little faster than walking. I think in the beginning, it’s more important to go for time rather than speed. So, if you’re following an interval walk/run program, you want to “run” slow enough that you can complete the intervals without feeling too horrible. You want to feel like you’re working hard, but not so hard that you will dread your next workout. I walk at about 3.7 MPH and run at 5.2 or 5.3 MPH. I’m using a treadmill so it’s easy to know my speed. If you’re running outdoors, you can’t really do that so exactly. Just run based on your level of exertion. Breath a bit hard, but don’t run so fast that you’re gasping for air. Slow it down, work hard and ENJOY THE PROCESS. That’s a big reason we are doing this, to enjoy it!

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