Slow it down!

Hey there Everyone! Friday I totally didn’t do my cross training. Planned it for the afternoon, and OF COURSE something came up. So, just another reason to do your exercise in the morning.

Anyways, Saturday in my 5K training I was supposed to run 1 mile. That’s a HUGE jump from the 1-min run intervals I was doing during the week. So, I S L O W E D it down! Literally WAY slow. I normally “run” at 5.5 MPH, but I had to slow down to 4.8 MPH on my treadmill to make it through the whole mile. And I did give myself three 5-second breaks every 1/4 mile. Had to and I’m ok with that. I still ran way more than usual, and I’m thrilled about it! Tomorrow my intervals jump from 1 to 3 minutes. Fingers crossed! 

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