Technical Fabrics – Do I need them when I start out? NO!

Hi Everyone:

This is a question that comes up a lot I think, what is considered essential when it comes to workout out. This is definitely not an “age related” issue at all, but really more of a budget issue.  When you decide to start working out, what you need will depend on what you’ll be doing and for how long at a time and what your weather conditions will be when doing it. 

If you are simply lifting weights at home or even in a gym and walking, then all you really need are comfortable clothes and a good pair of walking shoes. If you want to walk outside, you may also need warmer clothes to deal with colder weather. If your walks are under an hour, then you probably don’t need to go all out and buy special technical fabrics. Anything that keeps you warm and can be worn in layers will suffice.

Technical fabrics are materials that can wick away moisture, keeping you dryer. This is nice if you’re running for over an hour or you live in particularly hot or humid climates.  There’s an old saying that “cotton is rotten.”  It’s because cotton gets wet and remains feeling wet. It doesn’t wick moisture away from your skin. But, really, if you’re running or walking for less than an hour, I think it’s fine. We can all deal with a little bit of moisture on our skin short term. A good old cotton t-shirt is fine for shorter workouts. 

SOCKS are a different story. If you’re doing weight training, cotton socks will probably be fine. If you’re walking and your feet don’t really sweat, cotton socks are probably fine. If you run intervals during your walk/runs or your feet tend to sweat a lot, then buy better socks. Socks that are all synthetic are much more comfortable and they’re NOT expensive. Yes, you can buy $20 pair of socks if you want, but I don’t think it’s necessary. I like my cheap but synthetic socks by Avia and New Balance. They’re not super cheap but won’t break the bank either. They hold their shape too. I definitely don’t need to spend more on what someone considers a better sock. They even have socks made for Left and Right feet! Yup, pretty neat but not really necessary. I’d rather spend the extra money on a latte! LOL

So, don’t worry about what you’re wearing other than making sure your feet and breasts are well supported!

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