Track your workouts and progress

Hi Everyone:

Do you keep track of your workouts? If not, then start!  It can give you information about what works, what doesn’t, and how much progress you’ve made. It’s easy to hit a plateau and feel like we’re not longer progressing; but if you can look back a year or even a few months and see that you used to be able to run/walk only 1 miles and now you can do 3, that can keep you motivated. 

Tracking your workouts can be as easy as a notebook and pen. Write down the date, what workout you did, how long it was, how far you went (if you run/walk/hike/bike) and how you felt. If you had a bad workout, also record what you had eating or how you slept the night before. If you had a particularly great workout, write down why you think that was. Did you eat really well that week or get extra sleep? This is the info that will help you keep going!  

I use various apps to record everything. Runkeeper and MapmyWalk/MapMy Run to track my run/walk workouts.  Another great one is Strava. They also have GPS tracking so you can see the route you take. I believe Runkeeper even lets you log onto a computer and plan out your route. So if you know you want to do 3 miles, you can literally map out a route ahead of time. 

You can also connect with people you know within these apps, say you and a friend are both hiking a lot but not together. You can connect in Strava and give each other “kudos” and comment on each other workouts. The other apps have similar connect-to-friend features. So, don’t delay, start recording your workouts, and thus progress, now!

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