Week 5 Half Marathon Training SPEED DRILLS

Hello everyone!

So this is week 5 of my training plan for my December half marathon. This week we introduced speed drills. Basically, doing sprints at your pretty much all out speed, or close to it. I’m still on the treadmill due to Phoenix area heat. My plan said to do 15 seconds of sprints followed by a walk break. I chose to walk 60 seconds walking, 7.5 MPH and 3.8 MPH respectively.

I was supposed to do it yesterday, but had an ALL DAY MIGRAINE. I was fairly useless, in bed on and off all day into the night. Today I woke up feeling better so I got my training done in the morning, after coffee OF COURSE. OMG I can’t even think about running without my coffee.

Anyways, it went really really well. My long run this week is 6 miles and will be on Monday morning right after the kiddos leave for school.

So, what is your longest run you’ve done so far?

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