Yoga App “Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere”

Good morning:  If you’re training to run, either getting from walking to running or to actually run a race, you need CROSS TRAINING DAYS. You don’t want to run every single day, week in and week out. You need to also develop other muscles, balance, flexibility etc. 

Today on my training plan was “cross training or easy workout.”  I decided to try yoga. I’ve done it in the past, but never consistently so I’m far from experienced. 

I found an app called “Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere” in the Google Play store CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:  

I LOVED this app. It has video of a real person, not animation. The voice over cuing is excellent with clear instructions and great reminders to breath, relax etc.  I chose one of the beginner workouts and it WAS beginner. The poses were easy to “get into” (no pretzels here!) but were held long enough to really feel it. My muscles were shaking on a few poses and I KNOW I’m going to feel this tomorrow. 

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